What we do

HD Analog Systems

We are regularly doing the R & D in HD Analogy technology. Our new HD Analog camera series can achieve 4 megapixel and 5 megapixel which can bring you a higher level of image clarity than HD quality without increasing the cost of installation & it is seamless integrated with the existing system. We have very special long-distance AHD over coaxial cable technology.

IP Systems

We are continuous working into product innovation for the improving of the integration of IP cameras with Onvif seamless universal integration. Our IP camera series can simply join any IP Network including WiFi to relay videos directly to your phone, NVRs, or Cloud. It can send Alerts and Notifications to you via Email, SMS or over the Phones. We have very special integrated camera series with cloud and 4G GSM/CDMA sim base transmission technology with open platform. We have high definition 4K IP cameras technology with low bandwidth support H.265 video Compression. Our camera has different form factors for all domestic and industrial requirements.

Software Solutions

The Roxwell Cameras can seamlessly integrate with all leading Security Software. It is universally compatible with open integration system and supporting different OEM’s CMS/VMS/BMS also.


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