Simple Digital Signage Software for Any Screen

Digital signage doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Signbees is the easiest way for businesses to quickly display useful content on any screen.

What is Signbees?

Signbees is a cloud based Digital Signage software which allows you to create and publish content as per your requirements. In a simple yet effective way,Signbees allows you to manage the content on your screens from a single location.


  Content Management

Create and add files any multiple formats. Drag and drop media to create content which is ready to publish for display.

  Create Playlists

Create playlists as well as edit the sequences to run as per your preferences. Options to customize,add or delete playlists according to the user requirements.


Comprehensive options for scheduling available like daily,weekly or monthly. Calendar view available to ensure clear visibility when scheduling.

  Cloud Dashboard

The dashboard provides you with real time status of every device connected to the software. Allows you to remotely manage... and troubleshoot in case of any issues with the connected devices.


Our software will run a wide range of operatig systems which makes compaitable with a lot hardware options. Chromebit, android and IOS .

  App Integration

App Integration - Supports integration with apps and other applications to get pivotal content. Use apps to pull content from social media.

Business Goals

Improve Corporate Communications

Share important company news and metrics with screens that connect to your business data and social media.

Educate your students

Improve communications with students, parents and faculty with screens that show school events, promotions and photos.

Increase sales

Drive sales with screens that show your latest offers, highlight your products, and promote your brand.

Engage your customers

Connect with your customers by showing them information that’s important to them, including prices and reviews.

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