Solar Power Plants

We Working on different types of Solar projects (On Grid & Off Grid) and with customers requirements.

Architecture Design

We toil to furnish you with the best interior design from our encyclopedia of best architectural designs.

Conversion Design

We deliver extremely precise, accurate and expert designs when dealing with our client’s desires.

About Us

Push your house aesthetics with towering technology and a substantial delineation. Incorporating solar panels into the configuration is the buzz of the architectural world now. The architects are now embracing the elegance solar panels

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Solar Power Plants

We are decided to design 1 kW to 100 Mw. Roof top On-Grid, Off-Grid, And Hybrid Solar Power Plants for Home, Business, School, Colleges, Institutes and Industries. We Working on different types of Solar projects (On Grid & Off Grid) and with customers as well to understand Client requirement

Extensive breadth of knowledge in Electrical engineering and Solar power evaluation.

Preparation of Bill of Materials (BOM) for the Solar Project.

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Roof Mount


Mount your residential solar panels with roof and ground solar mounting solutions from solar line of products. Our ground solar mounts provide full seasonal adjustability and require fewer ground penetrations than traditional ground mounts. If you’re considering residential solar power, you probably know it’s a great way to enjoy significant savings on your electric bill.

Ground Mount


Ground-mounted solar installations are another great option for commercial operations. Some businesses might not have enough roof area, might not have proper roof orientation, or too much shading for solar panels. For those situations, ground-mounted solar might be a great option. Ground-mounted solar panels are also more accessible.

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